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Doctor at the borders: immigration and the rise of public health/ Michael C. LeMay
A Velvet Empire: French Informal Imperialism in the Nineteenth Century/ David Todd
Disease and the Modern World: 1500 to the Present Day / Mark Harrison
Genul concertant in Romania intre 1950-2020 / Autori: Dan Dediu, Antigona Radulescu, Gabriela Bejan, Florin Neagoe, Olguta Lupu, Vlad Ghinea, Viniciu Moroianu, Oana Andreica, Diana Rotaru, Catalin Cretu; editie ingrijita de Florinela Popa
Generatia de aur a avangardei muzicale romanesti / editie ingrijita de Antigona Radulescu; autori: Valentina Sandu-Dediu, Florin Neagoe, Olguta Lupu, Bogdan Pintilie, Dan Dediu, Benedicta Pavel, Desiela Ion
Victor Brauner: inventii si magie = Victor Brauner: Inventions and Magic: [catalog] / coordonare /editor Camille Morando
Dynamiken der Wissensproduktion: Räume, Zeiten und Akteure im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert Wolfgang Göderle, Manfred Pfaffenthaler (Hg)
The Power of Plagues / Irwin W. Sherman
The World Health Organization: a history/ Marcos Cueto..., Theodore M. Brown..., Elizabeth Fee
New Europe College Yearbook: 2017-2018, 2018-2019: Recontextualizing PHILIA: two verbal echoes of Crito's argument in the speech of the laws in Plato's Crito/ Myrthe L. Bartels; Paradoxes of Project Subjectivity in Bosnia and Herzegovina: international intervention and reconfigurations of work/ Neja Nuna Cengic; Internationalization of Higher Education in Romania and Portugal: strategies and transitions at the (semi)-periphery/ Ligia Deca; Secrets and Privacy / MR. X. Dentith; Economic Migration in the Early League of Nations/ Madeleine Lynch Dungy; Shaping the Past: the founding of history as an aesthetico-logical science in the German Enlightenment/ Alessandro Nannini; Elena Bacaloglu and the Manifesto Nazionale Fascista Italo-Romeno. Analysis of unconsidered relations in the interwar period/ Ida Libera Valicenti; 'The Traveller from a lesser country': Hubert Butler and Yugoslavia/ Guy Woodward; [editor: Irina Vainovski-Mihai]
Psaltirea voroneteana / coordonator Gabriela Dumitrescu; [prefata de prof. Gh. Chivu; fotografii: Ovidiu Vitan]
Le Christianisme politique en Europe 1815-2015. Tome 2: des partis qui on fait l'Europe
Le Christianisme politique en Europe 1815-2015. Tome 1: Des partis qui ont fait l'Europe/ Daniel-Louis Seiler
Opere: Vol.2: Scrieri despre literatura romana/ Alexandru Cioranescu; cuvant inainte, text ingrijit si editat de Mircea Anghelescu
Adnotari - lectii de pictura: album / editie ingrijita de Andrei Rosetti; traducere in limba engleza de Dana Chetrinescu
Changing Subjects, Moving Objects: status, mobility, and social transformation in southeastern Europe, 1700-1850 /by Constanta Vintila
Creolizing the Modern: Transylvania across Empires / Anca Parvulescu and Manuela Boatca
Colectii si arhive fotografice azi, in lumea digitala / Cristina Irian
Die Flamme der Freiheit: die deutsche Revolution 1848/1849 / Jörg Bond; redaktionele Mitarbeit von Simon Elson
Visual Arts in Romania 1945-1989: with an addendum 1990 - 2020/ Magda Carneci; [ translated from Romanian by Alina Carac]
The Making of mamaliga: transimperial recipes for a Romanian national dish/ Alex Drace-Francis
Copilăria in Moldova Sovietica (1924-1961): o investigatie istorico-antropologica a copilariei de la periferia imperiului / Adrian Dolghi
Une cité antique à travers ses sculptures. La sculpture en pierre à Tomis à l'epoque du Principat (Ier-IIIe siècles)/ Maria Alexandrescu Vianu
Les provinces du temps: Frontières fantômes et expériences de l'histoire / Béatrice von Hirschhausen
The Berlin Academy in the Reign of Frederick the Great: philosophy and science/ edited by Tinca Prunea-Bretonnet and Peter R. Anstey
New Europe College Yearbook: 2016-2017: Das Spiel der Emergenz. Aspekte ludischer Fiktion und Narration/ Robert Matthias Erdbeer; Nicht vergangenes, was das Herz noch reut: Exile, Memory, and the Search for Home in Herold Belger's Writings/ Brian Haman; The Mercenary Identity in Byzantium: the Case of Western European Mercenaries/ Savvas Kyriakidis; Being a Severan Author: Claudius Aelianus and Authorial Self-representation in Miscellaneous Compilations/ Alexandra Trachsel; In our World: Human Agency in Medieval and Early Modern Bulgarian Verbal Magic/ Svetlana Tsonkova; Moving Images, Static Lives: Interwar Polish Jewish Documentary Films/ Sarah Ellen Zarrow; [ editor: Irina Vainovski-Mihai]
Mihai Olos: [ expozitie]/ curator: Calin Dan; editori/editors: Calin Dan, Sandra Demetrescu, Magda Calin; texte=texts: Calin Dan, Helga Fessler, Magda Predescu, Anca Verona Mihulet, Ileana Pintilie, Liviu Rata; traduceri=translations: Oana Amaricai-Bottez, Lavinia Braniste, Magda Predescu
Desene permise /desene din captivitate = Allowed Drawings /drawings from captivity / Iulian Ghita, Vasile Petrovici; [ traducerea in limba engleza: Georgeta Homescu]
Ion Popescu-Negreni: pictura, grafica/ coordonator: Vasile Petrovici; [ redactare si traducere: Monica Manu]
Scrieri alese. Volumul al II-lea/ Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels; selectie si note de Gabriel Chindea si Andrei State
Scrieri alese. Volumul I/ Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels; studiu introductiv de Ernest Mandel; selectie, cronologie si note de Gabriel Chindea si Andrei State
Tesatura opiniilor / W.V. Quine; J.S. Ullian; traducere de Mircea Dumitru
Retorica si metafizica: in cautarea ratiunii metafizice/ Tudor Catineanu
Istoria Revolutiei Ruse. Volumul al II-lea: Revolutia din Octombrie/ Lev Trotki; traducere din limba rusa de Antoaneta Olteanu
Istoria Revolutiei Ruse. Volumul I: Revolutia din Februarie/ Lev Trotki; traducere din limba rusa de Antoaneta Olteanu; studiu introductiv, cronologii si note de Gabriel Chindea si Andrei State
Sfantul Grigorie Palama si teologia energiilor necreate/ Episcopul Ignatie (Trif); cuvant-inainte de Protopresbiter prof. Andrew Louth
Art and the Alphabet in the Times of the Dipylon Master: [extras] / Catalin Pavel in Gaia-Revue interdisciplinaire sur la Grèce archaïque, numéro 19/2016
Migrating Things: Objects under the Influence; [ exhibition catalog] / under the editorial direction of Barbara Cassin, Muriel Garsson, and Manuel Miliner
The Empire. Between Dispute and Nostalgia/ Emanuel Plopeanu, Gabriel Stelian Manea and Metin Omer (eds.)
New Europe College Yearbook. Stefan Odobleja Program 2021-2022: Censors and Censorial Relations in Communist Romania: customs, conventions, and practices/ Andru Chiorean; Minority Political Agency and Orban's Mono-Pyramidal Rule: a comparative analysis of effects of Hungarian kinstate policies in Romania and Ukraine after 2010/ Tamas Kiss; Roadies: an ethnography of digitalisation of inequalities and precarisation in food couriers/ Iulius-Cezar Macarie (Julius-Cezar Macquarie); The Value of a Calorie: food policies and the making of standards of living in mid-20th century Romania/ Mara Marginean; Bound to the Column: Antichrist iconography in the Last Judgement scenes in the medieval Kingdom of Hungary/ Mihnea Alexandru Mihail; Identity, Secrecy, and War: the letters of Ivan III of Moscow to his daughter, Elena of Lithuania/ Iulia Nitescu; Keynes and Hayek: Commonalities and differences in business cycle theories/ Alexandru Patruti; Pathways of Knowledge Exchange: the dissemination of Romanian publications in Europe (second half of the 19th century-until the First World War)/ Bogdan Popa; Practice and Function of Ecclesiastical Recommendation in late antiquity (fourth-fifth centuries AD)/ Hajnalka Tamas; [editor: Irina Vainovksi-Mihai]
New Europe College Yearbook. Pontica Magna Program and Gerda Henkel Program, 2020-2021: War as Embodied and Emotional Experience: stories of internally displaced women from Abhazia/Nargiza Arjevanidze; Dramaturgy of Populism: post-electoral protest ideologies in Belarus/ Volodymyr Artiukh; Manufacturing Consent: the imperial ideology and senatorial representation in the Maxentian period (306-312CE)/Mariana Bodnaruk; Seasonal Migration as Local Practical Knowledge: historical continuity and change in rural Soviet Transcarpathia (1940s-1960s)/ Kateryna Burkush; Line of Miracle or Contamination? Sfânta Parascheva as a contested Pilgrimage amid Covid-19 Pandemic 2020/ Mustafa Yakup Diktaș; A Comparative Study on the Development of Commercial Institutions and practices in the Romanian Principalities/ Romania and Bessarabia (1812-1918)/ Andrei Emilciuc; Northern Encounters: the Russo-Finnish Border at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century in a Cross-Regional comparative perspective/ Oksana Ermolaeva; The Making and Unmaking of the Synagogue in Birzula: materiality, textuality and Agency in the early 1920's Soviet Union/ Dumitru Lisnic; B/Orderization of the Boundary: Entangled Perspectives on the Split Villages of the Tskhinvali Region/South Osetia / Nika Loladze; [editor: Irina Vainovski-Mihai]
Caietele Institutului National pentru Studierea Holocaustului din Romania Elie Wiesel, nr. 2(4)/2008: Evreii in cadrul recensamantului general al Romaniei din 6 aprilie 1941 / Viorel Achim
Caietele Institutului National pentru Studierea Holocaustului din Romania Elie Wiesel, 2/2007: Manifestari de antisemitism si negare a Holocaustului in mass-media din Romania: analiza de mesaj, 2005-2006/ Alexandru Florian, Cosmina Gusu
Holocaust. Studii si cercetari/ Redactia: Mihail E. Ionescu, George Voicu, Alexandru Florian, Sorana Munteanu
Commons and Local Development Disparities: a mixed-methods longitudinal new-institutional analysis / David Diaconu