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O croaziera de la Viena la Constantinopol: calatori, spatii, imagini, 1830-1860/ Constantin Ardeleanu
The Conspiracy Theories: a primer/Joseph E. Uscinski
Journal de guerre (1939-19450: un diplomart suisse à Bucarest/ René de Weck; edité par Simon Roth; préface de Francis Python
Romania Orientale: Dipartimento di Studi europei, americani e interculturali, 22/2020: Omnia vincit bibliotheca/ a cura di Ioana Bot e Angela Tarantino
Regards sur la musique en Roumanie au XXe siècle: musiciens, musiques, institutions/ Speranta Radulescu; traduit du roumain par Cécile Folschweiller
Germanistik in Ireland: Jahrbuch der = Yearbook of the German Studies Association (GSAI): Volume 14/2019: Special Issue: Ethnic German Writers of Communist Eastern Europe/ Ethnisch deutsche Autoren im kommunistishen Osteuropa/ guest editorsd: Brian Haman..., Maria Irod...; editor: Gillian Pye...with Sabine Strümper-Krobb...
New Europe College Yearbook: Pontica Magna Program 2018-2019: The SMES development constraints in transitional and developing countries: Georgia & Romania/ Kaha Baindurashvili; State-led modernization and middle class subjectivities in post-soviet Azerbaijan/ Cristina Boboc; The other witch: ethnic minorities and witchcraft accusations in the Grand Dutchy of Lithuania/ Vital Byl; On Permanent migrant temporariness: the case of Moldovans in Italy/ Olga Cojocaru; Women of the Gulag in Liziko Kavtaradze's memoir: 'wives', urkas and political prisoners / Tamta Melashvili; Narratives of the Armenian polemics with the Muslims from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries/ Anna Ohanjanyan; 'Mimicking' the west? Russia's legitimization discourse from Georgia war to the annexation of Crimea/ Vasile Rotaru; [editor: Irina Vainovski-Mihai]
New Europe College Yearbook: Gerda Henkel Program 2016-2020/Living conditions and (re)defining identity in the Gulag: a study based on autobiographical texts belonging to people from Bessarabia and Bucovina deported to Kazakhstan/ Aurelia Felea; The Jewish community and Russian authorities/ Artem Kharcenko; 'Instead of myself, I entrust to be in the court and to attend...': advocates in eighteenth-century Sloboda Ukraine/ Svitlana Potapenko; Hrabské in search of 'Divine and human law': the history of Greek Catholic - Orthodox Conflict in one village in interwar Slovakia/ Viktoriia Serhiienko; Dead-letter regimes in the post-soviet space: Strategies and communication/ Evgeny Troitsky; [foreword by Katharina Biegger; editor: Irina Vainovski-Mihai]
New Europe College Stefan Odobleja Program Yearbook 2019-2020: Knowing from experience: on induction in a broader sense and the intuition of essences/ Alexandru Bejinariu; Seeing like a bank: a money lender's perspective on the end of the Cold War/ Adrian Grama; La figure de Narcisse dans la littérature médiévale/ Alexandra Ilina; Religious imagination and immigration in Spinoza's political treatise/ Razvan Ioan; Narratives of space: Traditions between oral and written memory/ Anamaria Iuga; Divided collective memory and the judicialization of (past) necropolitical practices around institutions for children with disabilities in Romania / Leyla Safta-Zecheria; Peddlers, peasants, icons, engravings: the portrait of the tsar and Romanian nation-building, 1888-1916/ Andrei Sorescu; The Time of the chalice: of marriages, ancestors, and sons among gypsies in Romania/ Catalina Tesar; red Grivita: the building of a socialist neighborhood in Bucharest (1944-1958)/ Andrei Razvan Voinea; [editor: Irina Vainovski-Mihai]
New Europe College Stefan Odobleja Program Yearbook: 2018-2019: Judging Originality: the limits of intellectual property in architectural works/ Sebastian Botic; Contested Orthodoxy: Latins and Greeks in late medieval Jerusalem/ Valentina Covaci; Cars and Global Late Socialism/ Alina-Sandra Cucu; The Imperial Signs' (Nisan-i Hümayun): framing Muslim-Christian Relations in the seventeenth century Mediterranean/ Radu Dipratu; The Youth and the Unified Nation: social control and discipline in Romanian interwar high schools/ Anca Filipovici; The Structure of Rural Households in 19th century Moldavia and Wallachia: approaching old censuses, revisiting paradigms/Bogdan Mateescu; Plants as instruments of Knowledge in Early Modern Natural Philosophy/ Oana Lidia Matei; The British Connection: Jews and Judaism in the Anglican-Romanian Orthodox interfaith relations/ Ion Popa; Wie wohnt Jesus Gemäss den Apokryphen Thomasakten?/Cosmin Daniel Pricop [editor: Irina Vainovski-Mihai]
Handbuch zur Geschichte Südosteuropas. Band 2: Herrschaft und Politik in Südosteuropa von 1300 bis 1800/ herausgegeben von Oliver Jens Schmitt; Redaktion: Edvin Pezo
De la Sibiu la Alba Iulia 1916-1918 = Von Hermannstadt nach Karlsburg 1916-1918/ Ion I. Lapedatu; [traducerea in germana: Renate Sandu]
Foundations of the American Century: The Ford, Carnegie, and Rockefeller Foundations in the Rise of American Power/ Inderjeet Parmar
Zugravi din sudul Trabsilvaniei in secolele XVIII-XIX: familia de zugravi Grecu/ Maria Zintz
Studies on the Peoples and Cultures of the Eurasian Steppes/ Peter B. Golden; edited by Catalin Hriban
The Role of National Courts in Applying International Humanitarian Law/ Sharon Weill
The Urban Civilization of Northern and Innermost Asia: historical and archaeological research/ Leonid R. Kyzlasov; edited by Gheorghe Postica and Igor Kyzlasov
Studia Varia in Honorem Professoris Stefan Stefanescu Octogenarii/ ediderunt Cristian Luca et Ionel Candea
La storia di un ri-conoscimento: i rapporti tra l'Europa Centro-Orientale e la Penisola italiana dal Rinascimento all'Eta dei Lumi/ a cura di Cristian Luca e Gianluca Masu
Vocatia istoriei: Prinos profesorului Serban Papacostea/ volum ingrijit de Ovidiu Cristea, Gheorghe Lazar
Dictatorship, State Planning and Social Theory in the German Democratic Republic/ Peter C. Caldwell
Mistica spaniola in secolul al XIV-lea: Exemplul Sf. Ioan al Crucii/ Teodora Pavel
Venetia si Genova in Marea Neagra. Nave si navigatie (1204-1453)/ Andreea Atanasiu
Congregatia De Propaganda Fide si misiunea catolica din Moldova (secolele XVII-XVIII)/ Rafael Dorian Chelaru
Religious narratives in contemporary culture: between cultural memory and transmediality/ edited by Maria-Sabina Draga Alexandru and Dragos Manea
Performance and performativity in Contemporary Indian Fiction in English/ by Maria-Sabina Draga Alexandru
Augustin le coeur et la crise du sujet/ Georgiana Huian; préface de Jean-Luc Marion de l'Académie française
Kant's Cosmopolitics: contemporary issues and global debates/ edited by Garrett Wallace Brown and Áron Telegdi-Csetri
Kant's Cosmopolitanism: politics and philosophy in a global debate/ Áron Telegdi-Csetri