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Title:Mind: A Quarterly Review of Philosophy / Editor: M. G. E. Martin; Reviews Editor: Paul Noordhof
Other title:A quarterly Review of Psychology and Philosophy/ edited by G. E. Moore; with the co-operation of F. C. Bartlett and C. D. Broad (1935)
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Topics (ro):logica modala - semantica; cunoastere; etica feminista; filosofia mintii - philosophy of mind; rationalism; psihologie - ratiune - minte; moralita; metafilosofie - vointa libera; estetica; intuitionism; libertate si responsabilitate; perceptie si ratiune
Subiecte (en):modal logic - semantics; knowledge; feminist ethics; philosophy of mind - philosophy of mind; rationalism; psychology - reason - mind; morality; metaphilosophy - free will; aesthetics; intuitionism; liberty and responsability; perception and reason
Existing copies:
Nr. crt.Nr. inv.Vol / Nr / AnSubtitleCopy status
1MT-4330n.s. XLIV / 176, October / 1935In library
2P-526108 / 429 (January) / 1999Disquotationalism and Infinite Conjunctions; On Some Arguments for the Necessity of NecessityIn library
3P-560108 / 430 (April) / 1999A Genuine Realist Theory of Advanced ModalizingIn library
4P-607108 / 431 (July) / 1999Counterfactuals, Probabilistic Counterfactuals and Causation; Could Armstrong have been a Universal?In library
5P-665108 / 432 (October) / 1999Metaphysics and the Morality of Abortion; How to Set a Surprise Exam; Phenomenal Consciousness: The Explanatory Gap as a Cognitive IllusionIn library
6P-713109 / 433 (January) / 2000On Washing the Fur Without Wetting It: Quine, Carnap, and Analyticity; Explaining Expressions of Emotion; Lewis's Dilemma of Explanation under Indeterminism Exposed and ResolvedIn library
7P-714209 / Supplement / 2000The Facts of LifeIn library
8P-745109 / 434 (April) / 2000A Quick Reply to Putnam's Paradox; Semantics and Pragmatics of Complex Demonstratives; An Argument for Finsler-Aezel Set Theory; What is the Problem of Universals?In library
9P-872109 / 435 (July) / 2000The Two-envelope Paradox; Embedded Definite Descriptions: Russellian Analysis and Semantic Puzzles; Weaseling Away the Indispensability ArgumentIn library
10P-988109 / 436 (October) / 2000Coherentism. Reliability and Bayesian Networks; A Theory of Ordinary Proper Names; The Semantics and Ontology of DispositionsIn library
11P-1078110 / 437 (January) / 2001On Chance in Causal Loops; Humean Supervenience and Rotating Homogeneous Matter; On Being in a QuandaryIn library
12P-1171110 / 438 (April) / 2001The Paradox of the Knower without Epistemis Closure; The Universality of Logic; Content, Computation and ExternalismIn library
13P-1443110 / 439 (July) / 2001A Kantian Intuitionism; Open QuotationIn library
14P-1637110 / 440 / 2001Phenomenal Continua and the Sorites; Frege's Notions of Self-Evidence; Quine's Holism and Functionalist Holism; Probabilities and the Fine-Tuning Argument: a Sceptical ViewIn library
15P-2099112 / 445 (January) / 2003Truth and Conventional Implicature; Counting and Indeterminate Identity; Why Frege would not be a neo-Fregean; Is there an Analytic Limit of Genuine Modal Realism?...In library
16P-2100112 / 446 (April) / 2003The Non-Identity of a Material Thing and Its Matter/ Kit Fine; Vagueness: A Minimal Theory/ Patrick Greenough; ...In library
17P-2391112 / 447 / 2003Horwich's Schemata meets Schematic Structures; The Aesthetics of Photographic Transparency; Wright on Vagueness and Agnosticism; Rosenkranz on Quandary, Vagueness and Intuitionism; Naming, Necessity and Beyond Scott Soames's Beyong RigidityIn library
18P-2517112 / 448 / 2003Solving the Riddle of Coherence; Puzzle about Truth and Singular Propositions; The Epistemic Advantage of Prediction over Accommodation; ...In library
19P-2592113 / 449 (January) / 2004Properties and Kins of Tropes: New Linguistic Facts and Old Philosophical Insights; The general propositional form is a variable; The Silence of the Senses; ...In library
20P-2770113 / 449 (January) / 2004Properties and Kins of Tropes: New Linguistic Facts and Old Philosophical Insights; The general propositional form is a variable; The Silence of the Senses; ...In library
21P-2805113 / 450 / 2004Vexing Expectations; Bayesianism, Infinite Decisions, and Binding; Reasons, Value, and Particular Agents: Normative Relevance without Motivational InternalismIn library
22P-2813113 / 451 / 2004The One Fatal Flaw in Anselm's Argument; Neo-Aristotelian Reflections on Justice; Reflexive Awareness Does Belong to the Main Function of Perception: Reply to Victor Caston; More on Aristotle on Consciousness: Reply to SiskoIn library
23P-2904113 / 452 / 2004Multigrade Predicates; Modal Realism and Metaphysical Nihilism; A New Route to the Necessity of OriginIn library
24P-2978114 / 453 / 2005Counterparts and Actuality; Do Dead Bodies Pose a Problem for Biological Approaches to Personal Identity? Linguistic Understanding and Belief; [...]In library
25P-3154114 / 454 / 2005Are there Genuine Mathematical Explanations of Physical Phenomena? The Two-Envelope Paradox: An Axiomatic Approach; Quasi-Realism and Ethical Appearances;...In library
26P-3361115 / 458 / 2006Williams, Nitzsche, and Meaninglessness of Immortality, Moral Holism, Moral Generalism, and Moral Dispositionalism, Rigidity and EssentialityIn library
27P-3405115 / 459 / 2006Truth and the Unprovability of Consistency; Saving the Ethical Appearances; Essence and ModalityIn library
28P-3491115 / 460 / 2006Believing Falsely Makes It So; Fibonacci, Yablo, and the Cassationist Approach to Paradox; ...In library
29P-3515114 / 456 / 2005A Century Later; has the Problem of Incompleteness Rested on a Mistake ?;...In library
30P-3516115 / 457 / 2006The distinction between Intrinsic and Extrensic Properties; Access Externalism;...In library
31P-3588116 / 461 / 2007A Defence of the Ramsey Test/ Richard BradleyIn library
32P-3697116 / 462 / 2007Sorting Out the Anti-Doomsday Arguments: A Reply to Sowers/ Tom AdamsIn library
33P-3803116 / 463 / 2007Brentano and the Buck-passers/ Sven Danielsson and Jonas OlsonIn library
34P-3903116 / 464 / 2007Syntax, More or Less/ John Collins; Spinoza and the Metaphysics of Scepticism/ Michael Della Rocca; ...In library
35P-4012117 / 465 (January) / 2008Coherence as a Heuristic/ Staffan Angere; Partial Belief, Partial Intention/ Richard Holton; ...In library
36P-4049117 / 466 (April) / 2008Goodness and Reasons: Accentuating the Negative/ Roger Crisp; Desires/ Kris McDaniel...In library
37P-4121117 / 467 (July) / 2008Epistemic Conditions for Collective Actions/ Sara Rachel Chant and Zachary Ernst; Spinoza and Consciousness/ Steven NadlerIn library
38P-4214117 / 468 (October) / 2008Rationality without Reasons/ Judith Baker; Indicative Conditionals in Context/ Eliza Block; Analytic Philosophy and History: A Mismatch/ Hans-Johann GlockIn library
39P-4246118 / 469 (January) / 2009No Good Fit: Why the Fitting Attitude Analysis of Value Fails/ Krister Bykvist; Against Content Normativity/ Kathrin Glüer and Asa WikforssIn library
40P-4300118 / 470 (Januar) / 2009Knowledge and Presuppositions/ Michael Blome-Tillmann; Modalism and Logical Pluralism/ Otávio Bueno and Scott A. Shalkowski; Dispositions, Abilities to Act, and Free will: The New Dispositionalism/ Randolph ClarkeIn library
41P-4362118 / 471 / 2009Levity/ Leon Horsten; On 'Average'/ Christopher Kennedy and Jason Stanley; Hume, Casual Realism, and Casual Scienve/ Peter MillicanIn library
42P-4451118 / 472 (October) / 2009Supervaluation Debugged/ Nicholas Asher, Josh Dever, and Chris Pappas; Trere Are No Phenomenal Concepts/ Derek BallIn library
43P-4502119 / 473 (January) / 2010The Conditionals of Deliberation/ Keith DeRose; On Knowing the Meaning; With a Coda on Swampman/ Ruth Garrett MillikanIn library
44P-4565119 / 474 (April) / 2010There No Easy Road to Nominalism/ Mark Colyvan; What are Mathematical Coincidences (and Why Does It Matter)?/ Marc Lange; The International Relatedness of All Things/ Jonathan SchafferIn library
45P-4649119 / 475 (July) / 2010Practical Equilibrium: A Way of Deciding What to Think about Morality/ Ben Eggleston; Neurosentimentalism and Moral Agency/ Philip Gerrans and Jeanette KennettIn library
46P-4708119 / 476 (October) / 2010Aristotelian Endurantism/ Jeffrey E. Brower; Rational Capacities, Resolve, and Weakness of Will/ Daniel Cohen and Toby Handfield; ...In library
47P-4735120 / 477 (January) / 2011Topic-Neutrality/ Roderick Batchelor; Structured Propositions as Types/ Peter W. Hanks;...In library
48P-4794120 / 478 (April) / 2011Carnap and Quine on Truth by Convention/ Gary Ebbs; The Multiply Qualitative/ Mark Eli Kalderon; Rationalism and the Content of Intuitive Judgements/ Anna-Sara MalmgrenIn library
49P-4893120 / 479 (July) / 2011Frege's Puzzle and the Objects of Credence/ David J. Chalmers; A New Resolution of the Judy Benjamin Problem/ Igor Douven and Jan-Willem Romeijn; ...In library
50P-4992120 / 480 (October) / 2011De Re A Priori Knowledge/ Cian Dorr; Aristotle's Megarian Manoeuvres/ Kit FineIn library
51P-5030121 / 481 (January) / 2012How Serious Is the Paradox of Serious Possibility?/ Simone duca and Hannes Leitgeb; A Solution to the Problem of Indeterminate Desert/ Bradford SkowIn library
52P-5085121 / 482 (April) / 2012Science-Driven mathematical Explanation/ Alan Baker; Hierarchies Ontological and Ideological/ Oistein Linnebo and Augustin RayoIn library
53P-5101121 / 483 (July) / 2012The Generality Constraint and the Structure of Thought/ Jacob Beck; An Anatomy of Moral Responsability/ Matthew Braham and Martin van HeesIn library
54P-5148121 / 484 (October) / 2012Emergence and Fundamentaly/ Elizabeth Barnes; The Truthmaker Non-Maximalist's Dilemma/ Mark Jago; What is the Source of Our Knowledge of Modal Truths?/ E. J. LoweIn library
55P-5439122 / 485 (January) / 2013The Two-envelope Paradow: Asymemetrical Cases/ Chunghyoung Lee; Counterpart Theory and the Actuality Operator/ Ulrich Meyer; Reversibility or Disagreement/ Jacob Ross and Mark SchroederIn library
56P-5484122 / 486 (April) / 2013Social anti-Individualism, Co-Cognitivism, and Second Person Authority/ Jane Heal; 'A Succession of Feelings, in and Itself, is Not a Feeling of Succession'/ Christoph Hoerl; Platonic Dispositionalism/ Matthew TugbyIn library
57P-5494122 / 487 (July) / 2013The Emperor's New Metaphysics of Powers/ Stephen Barker; Independent Opinions? On the Causal Foundations of Belief Formation and Jury Theorems/ Franz Dietrich and Kai SpiekermannIn library
Publisher:Oxford University Press
Published in:1999/2012Location:OxfordEdition:-
ISBN:-ISSN:0026-4423Position:Periodic; MT/A-4162
Bibliogr:bibl. in note
Pages:cca 320 p.
Editor:M. G. F. Martin
Reviews Editor:Paul Noordhof