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Title:Current Anthropology / editor: Benjamin S. Orlove
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Topics (ro):demografie; evolutionism; obiceiuri sociale; politici culturale; arheologie; migratie; rudenie; sex; homosexualitate - comportament; antropologia religiilor; antropologie culturala; rasa - rasism; etnografie; modernitate
Subiecte (en):demography; evolutionism; social habits/ social customs; cultural policies; archaeology; migration; kinship; sex; homosexuality - behaviour; anthropology of religions; cultural anthropology; race - racism; ethnography; modernity
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Nr. crt.Nr. inv.Vol / Nr / AnSubtitleCopy status
1P-58040 / 2 / 1999In library
2P-62140 / 3 / 1999In library
3P-70240 / 5 / 1999In library
4P-73241 / 1 / 2000In library
5P-74740 / 4 / 1999In library
6P-84441 / 3 / 2000In library
7P-99841 / 4 / 2000In library
8P-102841 / 5 / 2000In library
9P-116742 / 1 / 2001In library
10P-124041 / 2 / 2000In library
11P-124141 / 3 / 2000In library
12P-140842 / 2 / 2001Science, culture, and PoliticsIn library
13P-149242 / 3 / 2001In library
14P-171742 / 2 / 2001Special Issue: Science, Culture, and PoliticsIn library
15P-171842 / 4 / 2001Evolution of Symbolic Capacities and Human SocialityIn library
16P-194043 / 1 / 2002An Anthropology of Knowledge; Reproductive Immunosuppression and Diet;... An Ethnography of NeoliberalismIn library
17P-200743 / 2 / 2002In library
18P-216144 / 2 (April) / 2003Divergences and Commonalities within Taxonomic and Political OrdersIn library
19P-216944 / 1 / 2003In library
20P-240044 / 3 / 2003Language as Culture in U.S. Anthropology; Human Domestication Reconsidered; Rainfall Variability and Subsistence Systems in Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific;...In library
21P-253344 / 4 / 2003Anthropology, Sociology, and Other Dubious Disciplines; The Meanings of Interjections in Q'eqchi' Maya; An Early Case of Color Symbolism; The Politics of RitualIn library
22P-264544 / 5 (Dec.) / 2003The Origin of Modern Human Behavior; Species Concepts, Reticulation, and Human Evolution; Stalk Sugar and the Domestication of MaizeIn library
23P-264644 / supplement, December / 2003Multiple methodologies in anthropological researchIn library
24P-38394 / 4 (October) / 1963Eulogy for Paul Fejos (1897-1963); VIIth International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences in Moscow, U.R.S.S; Recent Developements in the Prehistory of AnatoliaIn library
25P-384012 / 1(February) / 1971Materials for a History of Studies of Crisis Cults: a Bibliographic Essay; Infectious Diseases in Ancient Populations; Some Principles of Sociocultural Integration;...In library
26P-384113 / 3-4 (June-October) / 1972Socio-Ecological Change Among the Fore of New Guinea; Peasantries in Anthropology and History; Concepts and Methods for the Secomdary Analysis of Variations in Family StructuresIn library
27P-384213 / 5 (December) / 1972Tooth Wear and Culture: a Survey of Tooth Functions Among Some Prehistoric Populations; The emergence of Self-Consciousness in Ethnography; A Biofunctional Theory of ReligionIn library
28P-384314 / 5 (December) / 1973Radiocarbon Dates from China: Some Initial Interpretations; Research Report; The Hydraulic Hypothesis: A Reappraisal; Discussion and CriticismIn library
29P-384414 / 4 (October) / 1973A Basic Demographic Unit; Rethinking Culture: A Project for Current Anthropologists; Darwinian Psycological Anthropology: A Biosocial ApproachIn library
30P-384515 / 2 (June) / 1974The Mission of Metaphor in Expressive Culture; The Influence of Psychotropic Flora and Fauna on Maya ReligionIn library
31P-384615 / 4 (December) / 1974Recent Thinking on Human Evolution Paleoecology of South Africa Australopithecines: Taung Revisited; On the Adaptive Radiation of HominidsIn library
32P-384716 / 1 (March) / 1975The Prehistory of Oceania; Dominant Epistemological Presuppositions in the Use of the Cross-Cultural Survey Method; Social Borders: Definitions of DiversityIn library
33P-384816 / 2 (June) / 1975Ceramic Ecology of the Ayacucho Basin, Peru: Implications for Prehistory; Myth, Method and MadnessIn library
34P-384916 / 4 (December) / 1975In Honour of Sol Tax: A Discission of Action Anthropology; A Biosocial Interpretation of Prestige and Culture; Galton's Problem: a Critical AppraisalIn library
35P-385017 / 1 (March) / 1976Chimpanzees, Language, and Communications; Voluntary Associations as Adaptive Mechanism; social Ecology-an Analitic ParadigmIn library
36P-385117 / 2 (June) / 1976Eskimo Artistic Productivity; Southeast Asian Cultural Sequence; John Honogmann on Personal Aproach in ResearchIn library
37P-385217 / 3 (September) / 1976Canal Irrigation and Local Social Organization; Slavic Movements in Yugoslavia; The Cult of the Serpent in the AmericasIn library
38P-385317 / 4 (December) / 1976Evolution of Hominid Dimorphism; Natural Selection and the Inheritance of Wealth; State Formation in Southeast AsiaIn library
39P-385418 / 2 (June) / 1977child and Sibling Caretaking; Initations Rites Reconsidered; Cluster Interaction: Shifts in Production and OrganizationIn library
40P-385518 / 4 (December) / 1977Grottanelli on Italian Ethnology; Evolutionary Perspectives: on the Classification of Subsistence Systems, on the Supranational Organization of ProductionIn library
41P-385619 / 1 (March) / 1978Food Taboos in Amazon Cultural Ecology; Anthropology for the Food and Agriculture OrganizationIn library
42P-385719 / 2 (June) / 1978Scale and Social Relations; Women's Status in Egalitarian Society; Coca Chewing and High-Altitude Stress; The Economic Value of ChildrenIn library
43P-385819 / 4 (December) / 1978Feature Articles; Indian and Eskimo Biological Difference; Temporal Models in Prehistory (North America)In library
44P-385920 / 2 (June) / 1979The Soviet central Asian Paleolithic; Russian-Plain Upper Paleolithic Symbol System; Anthropology of the DanceIn library
45P-386020 / 4 (December) / 1979Stone Tools and Human Behavior in Prehistory; The Clactonian-Independentor Acheulean? Noncorrelation of Ceramic and Cultural Change: NubiaIn library
46P-386121 / 2 (April) / 1980Australian Tooth-Size Clines; Anthropologists Versus Missionaires; A Cognitive Theory of Religion; Early Austronesian Social OrganizationIn library
47P-386221 / 3 (June) / 1980labor Time and Industrialization; Social Anthropology of Work; Latin America: Testing a Social-Change ModelIn library
48P-386321 / 6 (December) / 1980Archaeology and Development; Ecology of Maritime Hunting and Gathering; Origins and Spread of AgricultureIn library
49P-386422 / 2 (April) / 1981Stone Age Science in Britain?; The Early Hominid Plant-Food Niche; Intrafamily Homicide for Family HonourIn library
50P-386522 / 3 (June) / 1981Evolutionary Epistemiology and Values; Specialized Pottery Production: a Model; Pongid Subsistence and Hominid Labour DivisionIn library
51P-386622 / 4 (August) / 1981Cultural Innovation in the Eastern Frontier of Mesoamerica; Aggression and Hypoglycemia in the Andes; Are Bonobos Hominid Prototypes or Insular Dwarfs?In library
52P-386722 / 5 (Octobre) / 1981Tourism as an Anthropological Subject; Sacred Cows and the Uses of Ethnography; Revisionism on Aboriginal North AmericaIn library
53P-386822 / 6 (December) / 1981Selection, Energetics, and "Cultural Materialism"; New Thoughts on the Origin of the Family; Incest Avoidance-Nature and NurtureIn library
54P-386923 / 2 (April) / 1982Tourism and Sociocultural Continuity; Middle-Aged Women - Cross-Cultural Perspectives; Bioassay of Middle Eastern KinshipIn library
55P-387023 / 3 (June) / 1982XLIII Congress of Americanists Prize Papers; The Maring Ritual Cycle ReinterpretedIn library
56P-387123 / 4 (August) / 1082Bovine Sex and Species Rations in India; Windigo Psychosis - an Emic-Etic Confusion; Reductionism in Cultural Ecology - the AmazonIn library
57P-387223 / 6 (December) / 1982Trade and Politics in Proto-Elamite Iran; Redefining Race: the Potential Demise of a Concept; Human Posture in Zero GravityIn library
58P-387324 / 2 (April) / 1983Burial Customs as an Archaeological Sourse; Analogy, Mysticism, and the Structure of Culture; The Lower Paleolithic of Northeast AsiaIn library
59P-387424 / 3 (June) / 1983Coca Chewing and High-Altitude Stress; The Turin Shroud; The problem of the Ethnographic RealIn library
60P-387524 / 5 (December) / 1983Toward a Cultural Ecology of Mountains; Paradise Lost in Pre-Hispanic Mexico; Evolution of the Advanced Hominid BrainIn library
61P-387625 / 1(February) / 1984The Hypoglicemia-Aggression Hypothesis; Sociocultural Discontinuity: Quebec; Specialization and the PaleolithicIn library
62P-387725 / 2 (April) / 1984Hominid Diet Before Fire; Alcohol and Etnography; The sociobiology of Sex and Sexes TodayIn library
63P-387825 / 3 (June) / 1984The Theoretical Program of Cliford Geertz; Collective Representation in American Anthropology; Brian Size, Cranial Morphology, Climate, and Time MachinesIn library
64P-387926 / 2 (April) / 1985Symbolic Dimensions in Cultural Anthropology; Finance and Storage in the Inka Political Economy; Household Excange in Hominid EvolutionIn library
65P-388026 / 4 (Aug-Oct) / 1985Zhoukoudian: the Cave Home of Beijing Man?; Vision in Shamanism; Tests of the Critical-Fat HypothsisIn library
66P-388127 / 2 (April) / 1986Barter and Cash Sale on Lake Titicaca; Closure as Cure; Individualism and EqualityIn library
67P-388228 / 3 (June) / 1987Out of Context: The Persuasive Fictions of Anthropology; Toward a Critical Archaeology; Seasonal Variation in Maglemosian Group Size and Structure: A New ModelIn library
Publisher:University of Chicago Press
Published in:1971-1987;1999-2003Location:Chicago, IllinoisEdition:-
Bibliogr:bibl. la sfirsitul fiecarui articol
Pages:cca 170 p.
Editor:Benjamin S. Orlove