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Title:Critical Inquiry / Editor: W. J. T. Michell
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Topics (ro):filosofie - metafizica - adevar; critica literara; teorie literara - poetica - retorica; studii culturale; cinema - film; antropologie culturala; filosofie
Subiecte (en):philosophy - metaphysics - truth; literary criticism; literary theory - poetics - rhetoric; cultural studies; cinema - picture; cultural anthropology; philosophy
Existing copies:
Nr. crt.Nr. inv.Vol / Nr / AnSubtitleCopy status
1P-125827 / 3 (spring) / 2001In library
2P-152127 / 4 (summer) / 2001In library
3P-191628 / 1 (Autumn) / 2001Things / edited by Bill BrownIn library
4P-207228 / 3 (Spring) / 2002In library
5P-218329 / 3 (Spring) / 2003In library
6P-246329 / 4 / 2003In library
7P-253629 / 2 (Winter) / 2003In library
8P-253730 / 1 (Autumn) / 2003In library
9P-320117 / 4 (Summer) / 1991In library
10P-393828 / 2 (Winter) / 2002In library
11P-400234 / 2 (Winter) / 2008On loan de la 03.08.2012 pina la 02.09.2012
12P-400334 / 5 (Special Issue) / 2008In library
13P-421535 / 1 (Autumn) / 2008Ian Hacking/ The Suicide Weapon; Erwin Panofsky/ Art History and TheoryIn library
14P-423935 / 2 (Winter) / 2009In library
15P-429935 / 3 (Spring) / 2009Faith without Borders: The Curious Category of the SaintIn library
16P-432335 / 4 (Summer) / 2009The Fate of Disciplines/ Edited by James Chandler and Arnold I. DavidsonOn loan de la 11.12.2009 pina la 10.01.2010
17P-440636 / 1 (Autumn) / 2009Mark Seltzer/ Parlor Games; Marie-José Mondzain/ Can Image Kill?; Robert Morris/ The Labyrinth and the Urinal; Jacques Rancièr/ The Aesthetics Dimension; Wendy Grace/ On Foucault and DeleuzeOn loan de la 03.08.2012 pina la 02.09.2012
18P-446136 / 2 (Winter) / 2010Bill Brown/ Objects, Others, and Us (The Refabrication of Things); John Wilkinson/ The Glass Enclosure: Transparency and Glitter in the Poetry of George OppenIn library
19P-449736 / 3 (Spring) / 2010Marshall Sahlins/ Infrastructuralism; Tzachi Zamir/ Puppets; Garrett Stewart/ Bookwork as DemediationIn library
20P-454636 / 4 (Summer) / 2010Patricia Ticineto Clough/ The case of Sociology: Governmentaly and Methodology; Sarah Hammerschlag/ Introduction to "Letter to Maurice Blanchot on the Creation of the State of Israel"In library
21P-460037 / 1 (Autumn) / 2010Daniel Shore/ WWJD?; Michel Taussig/ Apotropaic Rexts; Daniel M. Gross/ Darwin and the HumanitiesIn library
22P-472037 / 2 (Winter) / 2011Against Literary Darwinism; Psychology and Terror; Zizek and De Palma; Antigone, Again; Israel at War; Trade in Women; Film Noir; DemediationIn library
23P-473837 / 3 (Spring) / 2011Michel Foucault, Jean Le Bitoux, and the Gay Science Lost and Found: An Introduction; At the Source of thought, silence, and Laughter; The Gay ScienceOn loan de la 03.08.2012 pina la 02.09.2012
24P-478237 / 4 (Summer) / 2011A Debate on Affect TheoryIn library
25P-479738 / 1 (Autumn) / 2011Leo Bersani/ Ardent Masturbation (Descartes, Freud, and Others); R. John Williams/ Techne-Zen and the Spiritual Quality of Global Capitalism; Evan Kindley/ Big CriticismIn library
26P-494438 / 3 (Spring) / 2012Erwin Panofsky/ On the Problem of Describing and Interpreting Works of the Visual Arts; Jás Elsner and Katharina Lorentz/ The Genesis of Iconology; Mark McGurl/ The Posthuman comedyIn library
27P-505738 / 2 (Winter) / 2012W.J.T. Mitchell/ Poetic Justice: 9-11 to Now; Elias Khoury/ Rethinking the Nakba; Meir Wigoder/ The Acrobatic Gaze and the Pensive Image in Palestinian Morgue PhotographyIn library
28P-505838 / 4 (Summer) / 2012Agency and Automatism: Photography as Art Since the SixtiesOn loan de la 06.11.2012 pina la 06.12.2012
29P-507039 / 1 (Autumn) / 2012Occupy; Image, Space, Revolution: The Arts of Occupation/ W.J.T. MittchelIn library
30P-513639 / 2 (Winter) / 2013The Return of 3-D: On Some of the Logics and Genealogies of the Image in the Twenty-First Century/ Thomas ElsaesserIn library
31P-514939 / 3 (Spring) / 2013State Secrets: Ben Franklin and WikiLeaks/ Russ Castronovo; A Game Theory of Evangelical Fiction/ Gregory S. Jackson; Disfiguring abstraction/ Charles BernsteinIn library
32P-543739 / 4 (Summer) / 2013Evolutionary Styudies in the Humanities: The Case of Music/ Gary Tomlinson; Cringe Criticism: On Embarrassment and Tori Amos/ Nick SalvatoIn library
33P-545740 / 1 (Autumn) / 2013The Refugee Speaks of Parvenus and Their Beautiful Illusions. Text by Hannah Arendt/ Haun Saussy; Rahel Varnhagen and Goethe/ Hannah Arendt-Stern; "ICan Dream, Can't I?"In library
34P-554940 / 2 (Winter) / 2014The Psychoanalitical Method and the disaster of Totalitarianism: Borderline States as the Psychical Equivalent of the Discontent in Civilization?/ François Villa; Music and Melancholy/ Michael P. SteinbergIn library
35P-5602 / Spring / 2014Special issue: Comics & Media/ Edited by Hillary Chute \nd Patrick JagodaIn library
36P-561240 / 4 (Summer) / 2014Around 1948/ Edited by leela Gandhi and Deborah L. NelsonIn library
37P-565441 / 1 (Autumn) / 2014Climate and Capital: On Conjoined HistoriesIn library
Publisher:The University of Chicago Press
Published in:2001-2003; 2008-2014Location:Chicago, IllinoisEdition:-
Bibliogr:bibl. in note
Pages:cca 250 p.
Editor:W. J. T. Michell