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Title:The New York Review of Books / editors: Robert B. Silvers, Barbara Epstein
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Expl. Title:Published 20 times a year, biweekly except in January, June, August, September, and December, when monthly.
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Topics (ro):periodic - recenzii carte; carte - exegeze
Subiecte (en):periodical publication - book reviews; book - exegeses
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Nr. crt.Nr. inv.Vol / Nr / AnSubtitleCopy status
1P-4426LVII / 1 / 2010Sarah! by Jonathan Raban; Rory Stewart: Afghanistan: What Could WorkIn library
2P-4447LVII / 2 / 2010Dr. Jerome Groopman: Warning About the 'Best' Medical Practices; Tony Judt: 'Kibbutz' and Other MemoriesIn library
3P-4448LVII / 3 / 2010Facebook and Us by Charles Petersen; Ahmed Rashid: A Deal With the Taliban?In library
4P-4449LVII / 4 / 2010Elizabeth Drew: Is There Life in Health Care Reform?; Jason Epstein Books: The Revolutionary FutureIn library
5P-4458LVII / 5 / 2010The Avatar Question by Daniel Mendelsohn; Inside the Tea Party by Jonathan RabanIn library
6P-4465LVII / 6 / 2010The Big Money vs. Health Reform by Michael Tomansky; The Great Sculptor of the Enlightement by Willibald SauerländerIn library
7P-4473LVII / 7 / 2010Russel Baker: "Race & Power at the New York Times"; David Miliband: How to End War in Afganistan.In library
8P-4474LVII / 8 / 2010Tony Judt: "Toni"; Joseph Lelyveld: Who Is Barack Obama ?In library
9P-4495LVII / 9 / 2010Richard Lewontin: 'What Darwin Got Wrong'; Ingrid Rowland: Caravaggio Now; Caroline Frase on Joyce Carol OatesIn library
10P-4499LVII / 10 / 2010Peter Beinart: The Failure of the American Jewish Establishment; Sue Halpern: How Good is the iPad?; Jeff Madrick: 'The Big Short"In library
11P-4507LVII / 11 / 2010Michel Kimmelman: Tennis, anyone ?; The Real Bauhaus by Martin Filler; Nicholas Stern: Climate "Eaarth"In library
12P-4515LVII / 12 / 2010Jonathan Raban: False Dawn in Britain?; Christian Caryl: North Korea's Hermith KingdomIn library
13P-4547XVII / 13 / 2010Frank Rich: 'Why Has He Fallen Short?'; Justice Stephen Breyer on Handguns; George Soros: The Crisis & the EuroIn library
14P-4548XVII / 14 / 2010Nicholas Lemann: 'Treme' & New Orleans; Paul Krugman & Robin Wells: The Slump Goes On: Why?In library
15P-4560XVII / 15 / 2010Graham Robb: Devine Sarah Bernhardt; Our Man in Palestine/ by Nathan Thrall; Paul Krugman & Robin Wells: How to Fix the Economy!In library
16P-4566XVII / 16 / 2010Michael Tomasky: Those Dreaded Elections; J. M. Coetzee: Philip Roth's "Nemesis"; Christopher de Bellaigue: The Afghan IllusionIn library
17P-4574XVII / 17 / 2010George Soros on the Economy: Where Obama Went Wrong; Sanford Schwarts: Introducing A Tremendous Artist; Diane Ravitch: The Charter School MYTHIn library
18P-4602XVII / 18 / 2010David Bromwich: Rush Limbaugh's Rage; Zadie Smith: 'The Social Network'In library
19P-4620XVII / 19 / 2010Janet Malcom: Comedy Central on the Mall; The Historic Election/ David Bromwich, John Cassidy, Ronald Dworkin, Jonathan Raban, Michael Tomasky and Maek Lilla on Glenn BeckIn library
20P-4621XVII / 20 / 2010Justice John Paul Stevens: The Death Sentence; Elizabeth Drew: Bitter New Washington; Andrew Butterfield: Titian and 'the Most Beautiful Pictures in the World'In library
21P-4669LVIII / 1 / 2011Mary Beard: Who Was Cleopatra?; Arlene Croce: The Diaghilev Adventure; Joseph Lelyveld: Looking for George W. BushIn library
22P-4670LVIII / 2 / 2011Geoffrey O'Brien: The Genius of Sinatra; Who's Afraid of the Palestians? by Hussein Agha and Robert Malley; Jason Epstein: How Books Will SurviveIn library
23P-4671LVIII / 3 / 2011Daniel Mendelsohn: The Mad Men Craze; The Tunisian Uprising; I, Mark Twain by Andrew DelbancoIn library
24P-4684LVIII / 4 / 2011Larry McMurtry: Marilyn; Freeman Dyson: The Information FloodIn library
25P-4685LVIII / 5 / 2011Peter Brooks: How Bad Are the Universities?; Garry Wills: Verdi & BoitoIn library
26P-4686LVIII / 6 / 2011Julian Barnes on Joyce Carol OatesIn library
27P-4707LVIII / 7 / 2011Robert Darnton: The Google Books Defeat; Jonathan Spence: Recharging China's ArtOn loan de la 18.07.2011 pina la 17.08.2011
28P-4710LVIII / 9 / 2011José Manuel Prieto: In Havana: the State Retreates; Ian Buruma: Who Was Barack's Mother?In library
29P-4749LVIII / 11 / 2011The Scandals at the Getty Museum by Hugh Eakin; George Soros: My PhilantropyIn library
30P-4750LVIII / 12 / 2011Paul Krugman and Robin Welles: Why Greed Gets worse; Julian Bell: The Inventions of ManetIn library
31P-4765LVIII / 13 / 2011James Gleick: Google and You; H. Allen Orr: David Brooks & Social Animals; Elizabeth Drew: Debt Limit CrazinessIn library
32P-4784LVIII / 14 / 2011David Cole: After September 11: The Falure; Elaine Blair: in the House of Holes; Hussein Agha and Robert Malley: The Arab CounterrvolutionIn library
33P-4799LVIII / 15 / 2011George Soros: Does the Euro Have a Future?; James Salter: Hemingway Now; Our State of Exception by Mark DannerIn library
34P-4800LVIII / 16 / 2011Stanley Hoffmann: "Why America Fell Behind..."; How Doctors Can Rescue the Health Care System by Arnold Relman; William Nordhaus: Energy Friend or Enemy?In library
35P-4813LVIII / 17 / 2011Christopher Benfey: Looking for Romney; Inside Zuccitti Park by Michael Greenberg; Daniel Mendelsohn: Alain Hollinghurst's DilemmaIn library
36P-4821LVIII / 18 / 2011Paul Volcker: The Unfinished Business of Finance Reform; Joan Didion's 'Blue Nights' by Cathleen SchineIn library
37P-4822LVIII / 19 / 2011Who Was George Kennan? by Frank Costigiola; Islam and the Met by Peter Brown; The Euro 'Boomerang' by John LanchesterIn library
38P-4904LIX / 1 / 2012Mark Lilla: Apocalyptic Republicans; Yasmine el Rashidi: A New, Islamic Egypt; Mary Beard: The Classical FutureIn library
39P-4905LIX / 2 / 2012Luc Sante: Patti Smith; David Bromwich: The Republican Nightmare; Anatol Lieven: The Way to Afghan PeaceIn library
40P-4909LVIII / 20 / 2011Art Mad London by Martin Filler; Crass, Beautiful Rome by Ingrid RowlandIn library
41P-4910LIX / 3 / 2012Elizabeth Drew: Can We Have a Democratic Election?; Charles Rosen: The Powers of LisztIn library
42P-4911LIX / 4 / 2012Katherine Boo: The Roses of Mumbai; Great Portraits by Andrew ButterfieldIn library
43P-4929LIX / 5 / 2012Jenifer Homans: Tony Judt's Final Victory; William Nordhauson the Climate Sceptics: RefutedIn library
44P-4937LIX / 6 / 2012Justice John Paul Stevens on The Rape Case; Freeman Dyson: Physics on the FringeIn library
45P-4973LIX / 7 / 2012Joseph Lelyveld: In the Political Heartland; Jonas Kaufmann: The Tenor on Stage, an Interview; Islam's Sacred Shrine by christopher de BellaigueIn library
46P-5007LIX / 12 / 2012Deborah eisenberg: A New Story; Burma: The Dark Side by Christian Caryl; Elaine Blair: Women & the New NovelistsIn library
47P-5032LIX / 9 / 2012Nadine Gordimer: The New Threat to Freedom in south Africa; Jerome Groopman: When doctors Go WrongIn library
48P-5033LIX / 10 / 2012Elaine Blair: The Girls of Lena Dunham; Charles Glass: The Syrian War from aleppoIn library
49P-5034LIX / 11 / 2012Gail Collins: The Textbook Wars; Geoffrey Wheatcroft: The Real Rupert; Martin Filler: Cool Roy Lichtenstein & Andy WarholIn library
50P-5035LIX / 13 / 2012Joseph Lelyveld: Obama Abroad - The Report Card; Ysmine El Rashidi: The Real Power in EgyptIn library
51P-5039LIX / 14 / 2012George Soros: The european Tragedy and How to Resolve It; Zoë Heller: Vagina: a New Biography by Naomi WolfIn library
52P-5046LIX / 15 / 2012Cathleen Schine: The Charms of Michael Chabon; When Money & Beauty Went together by Ingrid RowlandIn library
53P-5047LIX / 16 / 2012Steve Coll: The Seals & Bin Laden - The Unasked Questions; Elisabeth Sifton and Fritz Stern: The Tragedy of Dietrich Bonhoffer and Hans von DohnanyiIn library
54P-5062LIX / 16 / 2012Walter Kaiser: Caravaggio's Ultimate Secret; The Problem of the New York Police by Michael GreenbergIn library
55P-5072LIX / 8 / 2012The Missing Argument: Ronald Dworkin on Why the Mandate Is Constitutional; Daring Rem Koolhaas by Martin FillerIn library
56P-5073LIX / 17 / 2012Special Election Issue; The Middle East: this Is Not a Revolution by Hussein Agha & Robert MalleyIn library
57P-5074LIX / 18 / 2012Mark Danner: The Election & the Politics of Fear; Janet Malcom: The Fate of Michelle; Jean Strousse: A New Portrait of Isabel ArcherIn library
58P-5087LIX / 19 / 2012Paul Volcker: What the President Should Now Consider; Richard Lewontin: Is There a Jewish Gene?; The Genius of George Bellows/ by Sandford SchwartzIn library
59P-5102LIX / 20 / 2012Mark Danner: How, and What, Did Obama Win?; Super Bronzes by Andrew ButterfieldIn library
Publisher:NYREV Inc.
Published in:2010/2012Location:New YorkEdition:-
Editor:Robert B. Silvers