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1. Biliuta, Ionut Florin; Cakir, Dunya Deniz; Goilav, Ana-Maria; Goina, Mariana; Hariton, Silviu-Radian; Kilonzo, Susan Mbula; Nae, Cristian; Popescu, Theodor-Cristian; Radu, Cosmin Gabriel; Siekierski, Konrad; Stefan, Andreea; New Europe College [Ed.]
New Europe College Yearbook 2010-2011: Secular Versus Religious Nationalism in 19th-20th Century Romania. Stirring the Debating About the Essence of Romanian Nationalism/ Ionut Florin Biliuta; The Art of Not Being Governed: from Islamist Journals to Islamic Critical Theory?/ Dunya Deniz Cakir; The Golden Octagon of Antioch/ Ana-Maria Goilav; Literates in a Quasi-Oral Society Moldavian and Wallachian Chancellery Scribes (Fourteenth to Sixteenth Centuries)/ Mariana Goina; Nationalism, Heroism and War Monunments in Romania, 1900S-1930S/ Silviu-Radian Hariton; The Potential of the Church as a Community Institution in Peacebuilding in Africa Lessons from Kenya's Ethinic Conflicts/ Susan Mbula Kilonzo; Is Conceptual Art Inherently Non-Aesthetic? Art, Immaterial Labor and the Politics of Aesthetics/ Cristian Nae; The First Wave of the Romanian Independent Theatre After 1989: Forms of Manifestation/ Theodor-Cristian Popescu; Dwelling and Crossing the Frontier: Political Subjectivities and Moving Landscapes on the Romania-Serbia Border/ Cosmin Gabriel Radu; The Armenian Diaspora in Romania: Roots, Routes, Re-Creations/ Konrad Siekierski; Grecs et Macédoniens a l'époque imperiale: la stratification des sources dans l'Anabase d'Alexandre/ Andreea Stefan; Edited by the New Europe College
New Europe College, 2014, Bucharest , (anuar) 438p., ISSN 1584-0298
Topics (ro): reviste islamice - Turcia; nationalism religios - Româmia - sec.XIX-XX; arhitectura crestina timpurie - Octogonul de Aur - Antiohia; carturari - Moldova si Valahia - sec.XIV-XVI; monumente de razboi - România - 1900-1930; conflicte etnice - biserica - K
Topics (en): Islamist journals - Turkey; religious nationalism - Romania - 19th-20th c.; early Christian architecture - Golden Octagon - Antioch; scribes - Moldavia and Wallachia - 14th-16th c.; war monuments - Romania - 1900-1930; ethnic conflicts - church - Kenya; i
Position: anuar NEC UDC: 009(045)
Series: NEC Publications Series: New Europe College Yearbook