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1. New Europe College; Ciocan, Cristian; Daniel, Cristian; Dulus, Mircea Gratian; Gaiu, Claudiu; Georgescu, Diana; Lazea, Dan; Marian, Vera; Nitu, Daniel; Popescu, Toader; Willcocks, Samuel Pakucs
New Europe College Yearbook 2009-2010: The Vulnerable Body: Human Corporeality and Its Limit-Situations/ Cristian Ciocan; Bridging the Gap: The Ecclesiological Landscape of Transylvania Seen through the Comparative Lens/ Cristian Daniel; Philagathos of Cerami and the Monastic Revival in the Twelfth-Century Norman Kingdom: Preaching and Persuasion/ Mircea Gratian Dulus; Contrainte Sceptique et Ouverture Civile: Individualisation et Socialisation du Corps chez Michel de Montaigne et Pierre Charron/ Claudiu Gaiu; Raising Socialist Citizens: Cultural Modernity and Social Performativity in Late Socialist Romania/ Diana Georgescu; The European Union's External Relations: From the Principle of Non-Intervention to Political Conditionality/ Dan Lazea; Parallel Discourses on Urban Policy and the Romanian urban Planners: between EU Principles and Local Contradictions/ Vera Marin; The Influence of Case Law of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia on Customary International Criminal Law/ Daniel Nitu; Un aller Simple pour la Modernité: L'urbanité roumaine sous le signe de la voie ferrée (1859-1918)/ Toader Popescu; The Image of the Prince in the Fifteenth Century: Ladislas, Wladyslaw and Vlad in the Songs of Michael Beheim/ Samuel Pakucs Willcocks/ Editor: Irina Vainovski-Mihai
New Europe College, 2012, Bucharest , (anuar) 334p., ISSN 1584-0298
Topics (ro): corpul omenesc - situatii limita; peisaj ecleziologic - Transilvania; viata monastica - sec.XII; sfirsitul socialismului in România - modernitate culturala; Uniunea Europeana - conditionalitate politica; calea ferata româna - 1859-1918
Topics (en): human body - limit-situaltions; ecclesiological landscape - Transylvania; monastic life - 12th c.; late socialist Romania - cultural modernity; European Union - political conditionality; Romanian railway - 1859-1918
Position: anuar NEC UDC: 009(058)
Series: NEC Publications Series: New Europe College Yearbook