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Nations without a state: ethnic minorities in Western Europe / edited by Charles R. Foster
Praeger, 1980, New York , (carte) IX, 215p., ISBN 0-03-056807-2
Topics (ro): nationalism - Europa; relatii etnice - conflicte etnice; minoritati etnice - Europa
Topics (en): nationalism - Europe; ethnic relations - ethnic conflicts; etnic minorities - Europe
Position: H.1741-FOS UDC: 323(4-15)
Series: Praeger Special Studies. Prager Scientific
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

2. *
American Narrative Painting / Catalog notes by Nancy Wall Moure; Essay by Donelson F. Hoopes
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, in association with Praeger Publishers, Inc., 1974, Los Angeles , (carte) 190 p., ISBN 0-87587-060-0
Topics (ro): arta - pictura americana - expozitie - catalog; arta americana - pictura - sec. XVIII-XX - expozitie
Topics (en): art - American painting - exhibition - catalogue; American art - painting - 18th-20th centuries - exhiition
Position: U.31-MOU UDC: 061.4:7(73)"17/19"
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

3. Bazin, Germain
Baroque and Rococo Art/ Germain Bazin; Translated by the French by Jonathan Griffin
Frederick A. Praeger, Publishers, 1969, New York, Washington , (carte) 288p.
Topics (ro): arta baroc - arta rococo; istoria artei europene - stiluri in arta - sec.XVII-XVIII
Topics (en): Rococo Art; history of European Art - art styles - 17th-18th c.
Position: U.161/.162-BAZ UDC: 3.034.7
Series: Praeger World of Art Paperbacks. P164

4. Birgerson, Susanne Michele
After the Breakup of a Multi-Ethnic Empire: Russia, Successor States, and Eurasian Security/ Susanne Michele Birgerson
Praeger, 2002, Westport, CT; London , (carte) xi, 211p., ISBN 0-275-96950-9
Topics (ro): istorie - postcomunism - fostele republici sovietice; fostele republici sovietice - politica si guvernamint - relatii externe; postcomunism - politica mondiala - dupa 1989; disolutia imperiului sovietic; natiunea rusa - Uniunea Sovietica
Topics (en): history - post-communism - former Soviet republics; former Soviet republics - politics and government - foreign relations; post-communism - world politics - after 1989; dissolution of Soviet Empire; Russian nation - Soviet Union
Position: H.17-BIR UDC: 94(47)"19/20"
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

5. Blahoz, Josef; Brokl, Lubomir; Datculescu, Petre; Gehmacher, Ernst; Karasimeonov, Georgi; Kubiak, Hieronim; Lawson, Kay; Mansfeldová, Zdenka; Márkus, György G.; Raciborski, Jacek; Römmele, Andrea; Shopov, Vladimir; Simon, János; Wiatr, Jerzy J.
Cleavages, Parties, and Voters: Studies from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Romania / edited by Kay Lawson, Andrea Römmele, and Georgi Karasimeonov
Praeger Publishers, 1999, Westport, Connecticut - London , (carte) xii, 292 p., ISBN 0-275-95589-3
Topics (ro): partide politice - Europa de Est; partide politice - Europa Centrala; alegeri - Europa de Est - Bulgaria - România; alegeri - Europa Centrala - Cehia - Polonia - Ungaria - postcomunism - dupa 1989; politica - postcomunism - Europa Centrala si de Est - du
Topics (en): political parties - Eastern Europe; political parties - Central Europe; elections - Eastern Europe - Bulgaria - Romania; elections - Central Europe - Czech Rep. - Poland - Hungary - post-communism - after 1989; politics - post-communism - Central and East
Position: Ja.40-LAW UDC: 324.24(1-924.5)"1989/-"
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

6. Bugajski, Janusz
Cold Peace: Russia's New Imperialism/ Janusz Bugajski
Praeger Publishers, 2004, Westport, Connecticut London , (carte) 304 p., ISBN 0-275-98362-5
Topics (ro): politica externa - postcomunism - Rusia - noul imperialism; relatii internationale - postcomunism - istorie - 1990-2004; diplomatie - Europa - postcomunism
Topics (en): foreign policy - post-communism - Russia - new imperialism; international relations - post-communism - history - 1990-2004; diplomacy - Europe - post-communism
Position: H.173-BUG UDC: 327(47:4)"1990/2004
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

7. Combs, James E.; Nimmo, Dan
The Comedy of Democracy / James E. Combs and Dan Nimmo
Praeger, 1996, Westport, Connecticut, London , (carte) 203p., ISBN 0-275-94979-6
Topics (ro): democratie - umor; stiinte politice - umor; cetatenie - democratie; birocratie politica - erori
Topics (en): -
Position: Jb-COM UDC: 321
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

8. Feldman, Ofer; De Landtsheer, Christ'l; Anderson, Richard D.; Barry, Herbert, III; Beer, Francis A.; Bonnafous, Simone; Brough, Jennifer; Bull, Peter; Conaway, Carol B.; Hariman, Robert; Israeli, Raphael; [...]
Politically Speaking: A Worldwide Examination of Language Used in the Public Sphere / Edited by Ofer Feldman and Christ'l De Landtsheer
Praeger Publishers, 1998, Westport, Connecticut - London , (carte) X, 212 p., ISBN 0-275-96122-2
Topics (ro): politica - analiza discursului ; retorica - aspecte politice; discours politic - limbaj - retorica - scop; democratie - limbaj politic - ambiguitate pragmatica; elite politice - discurs - metoda argumentarii
Topics (en): politics - discourse analysis; rhetoric - political aspects; political discourse - language - rhetoric - scope; democracy - political language - pragmatic ambiguity; political elites - discourse - the method of argumentation
Position: J.01-FEL UDC: 82.085:32
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

9. Holborn, Louise W.; Carter, Gwendolen M.; Herz, John H. [Eds.]
German Constitutional Documents since 1871: Selected Texts and Commentary/ Edited by Louise W. Holborn, Gwendolen M. Carter, John H. Herz
Praeger Publishers, Inc., 1970, New York , (carte) viii, 243p.
Topics (ro): constitutie - documente - Germania - 1871-sec.XX; doua Germanii - statut international; cadrul constitutional-guvernamental; structura federala; partide politice - Germania; alegeri - proces legislativ; executiv; administratie; politica externa germana
Topics (en): constitution - documents - Germany - 1871-20th c.; two Germanies - international status; constitutional-governmental framework; federal structure; political parties - Germany; elections - legislative process; executive; administration; German foreign poli
Position: Ja.3-HOL UDC: 342(430)

10. Hollinger, Robert
The Dark Side of Liberalism: Elitism vs. Democracy/ Robert Hollinger
Praeger, 1996, Westport, Connecticut; London , (carte) xx, 156p., ISBN 0-275-95334-3
Topics (ro): elite (stinte sociale); liberalism; democratie; literalism - democratie - elitism; liberalism modern - filosofie; liberalism pragmatic - Rorty, Richard - democratie participativa
Topics (en): elites - social sciences; liberalism; democracy; liberalism - democracy - elitism; modern liberalism - philosophy; pragmatic liberalism - Rorty, Richard - participatory democracy
Position: Jb-HOL UDC: 321.4
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

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